Kombucha221bc is a organic beverage company that aims to supply customers with the best quality kombucha on the market.



One of our projects for Kombucha 221bc was to produce an engaging video to spread the message about properly recycling their bottles in time for Earth Day 2019.

Kombucha221bc wanted to address the importance of recycling their glass bottles properly. We knew that video would be the most engaging format that would also be the most cost-effective in terms of organic and paid reach.


Our video team was able to take the clients vision and bring it to life and amplify their brands message.

Our video team worked with 221bc to develop a visual concept of each scene. From there we were able to identify a color scheme and location which helped sculpt the tone of the video. We partnered with professional models/influencers to strengthen the videos message and increase organic reach.

Upon publishing the video to Facebook and Instagram, the video was viewed by thousands of people who care about environmental sustainability and healthy living.

We created a separate vertical video tailored to be used on Instagram and Facebook Stories.