Creative Loafing Tampa


Creative Loafing is digital magazine serving the Tampa Bay area. It's one of the goto sources for events in Tampa, restaurants, concerts and shows, visual arts reviews, news and opinion.


GASP is Creative Loafings’s annual performing arts fest that takes place at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Creative Loafing reached out to us to help amplify the awareness for their upcoming event GASP through a multi-platform based marketing campaign. The event is a mix of movement, science, and unique inventions. Creative Loafing wanted a video that captured the vibe and experience of GASP for those who were not able to make it.

Our team created an Instagram giveaway that promoted awareness prior to the event. The winners of the giveaway were awarded 2 VIP tickets and social media shoutouts.



Our team decided that a combination of "Sponsored Content" distributed on our publication ( and an Instagram giveaway, we would be able to thousands of interested users. 



We were able to deliver a well executed Instagram giveaway that reached thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area, that generated a buzz around Creative Loafing's annual event, GASP.

Our video team also provided coverage of the event which was used to edit a promotional video that Creative Loafing will use to promote future events.